Official Size Box Lacrosse System - Custom Color

Official Size Box Lacrosse System - Custom Color

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A 200' x 86' (inside/playing dimensions) ProWall System which can be used for floor hockey, soccer, gaga, deck hockey, roller hockey, box lacrosse and more!  Choose from red, blue, hunter green or gray custom color.  Additional colors may be available for an increased cost.  Please inquire.


38 each 8 ft Straight Panels

16 each 8 ft Radius Corner Panels (4 per corner form a 20 ft radius)

  2 each 4 ft Straight Panels

 4 each 8 ft Gate Panels (with 36" outward swinging gate and 8" step-over)

44 each 2 ft Portable Bracing Panels

Customer may swap concrete anchors or steel posts (for anchoring into asphalt or grass) for 2 ft Portable Bracing Panels at no additional charge.  All panels 42" high x 8" deep.  All panels custom color. 200' x 86' size is system's inside/playing dimensions.

System stores in a 96" wide x 88" high x 42 ft space.

Color selection may vary slightly from online shade.