Mini ProWall Rink System
Mini ProWall Rink System

Mini ProWall Rink System

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A 20'-8" x 40'-8" (inside/playing dimensions) ProWall Rink System which can be used for floor hockey, soccer, gaga, deck hockey, roller hockey, box lacrosse and more!


9 each 8 ft Straight Panels

8 each 45-degree Radius Corner Panels (2 per corner form a 40" radius)

2 each 4 ft Straight Panels

1 each 8 ft Gate Panels (with 36" outward swinging gate and 8" step-over)

Concrete anchors or steel posts for anchoring.  Customer may swap anchoring systems above for 2 ft Portable Bracing Panels as anchoring method for no additional charge.  All panels 42" high x 8" deep.  All panels natural color. 20'-8" x 40'-8" size is system's inside/playing dimensions.

System stores in a 48" wide x 94" high x 13 ft space.