Mega ProWall Gaga Pit
Mega ProWall Gaga Pit

Mega ProWall Gaga Pit

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36' x 36' Official ProWall Gaga Pit in white color.  Size is inside/playing dimensions.  All panels are 42" tall and one gate is included.

Fits up to 45 children.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Portable system but can be made permanent.

Can be broken down into smaller "Official" or "Junior" sizes easily or can be set up in different dimensions for other sports such as mini soccer, lacrosse, hockey and more.


  • 8' Straight Panels (Quantity: 7)
  • 4' Straight Panels (Quantity: 8)
  • 8' Gate Panel (with magnetic gate latch) (Quantity: 1)
  • 45 Degree Corner Panels (Quantity: 8)