Gaga Pits

Got Gaga? We do! SRG has utilized the versatile ProWall® dasher system to create the perfect gaga pit for grade school age kids or older and our Portable Boundary System for younger kids. Whether you play outdoors or indoors, on grass, plastic sports tiles, sand, or gym floors, our SRG’s Gaga pits have got you covered. At approximately ten minutes set up and take down time, ProWall Gaga ball pits are a portable or permanent option that provides endless hours of activity.


Sizing Options:

  • 14' x 18' Mini: The smallest of our gaga pits, this gaga pit is perfect for a small group of older children or very young kids. When you buy the SRG Mini ProWall Gaga Pit, you have all of the corner and gate panels you will ever need and can add on additional straight panels to expand to our larger sizes at a later date. A great “starter” gaga pit!
  • 20' x 22' Junior: This gaga pit is one of our most popular indoor pits. When you buy the SRG Junior ProWall Gaga Pit, you receive a great combination of corner, gate and straight panels for a 20' x 22' indoor or outdoor gaga pit or start creating other containment systems for other sports with these same panels.
  • 26' x 26' Official: Our most popular gaga pit for camps, schools, YMCAs, churches and others. The SRG Official ProWall Gaga Pit is perfect for us to 30 kids but can easily reconfigured to a smaller pit for smaller group sizes or to transport indoor or to other sites. Includes 88 linear feet of walls, so can also be used as a soccer pitch, portable gym wall or more.
  • 36' x 36' Mega: The SRG “Mega” ProWall Gaga Pit was designed for the group looking to do multiple sports like soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey AND gaga. With over 100 linear feet of boards, the Mega Gaga Pit can handle 50+ kids for gaga or be reconfigured into a 38 ft x 70 ft all-sports playing area.


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